The UK’s museums are seen as a benchmark for many new museum projects around the world when they look to see what has gone before and how to build on that and make it better. This is why museum designers in the UK are sought after and it is why in turn they seek to work with fit-out companies in the UK on some of the largest projects in the world.

These international projects bring with them many challenges for UK companies such as the huge scale, the lack of collections (which means entire collections are built from scratch), complex contracts, different cultures and expectations, as well as near impossible timeframes.

But with their own manufacturaing bases and skilled teams of craftspeople, UK fit-out companies can seemingly turn their hand to any task that’s put in front of them. For example, the world’s largest fit-out company, BECK, has recently built a rainforest for what is currently the world’s biggest museum complex in Kuwait.

Below we present three case studies from UK companies, including BECK, which give an insight into how they cope with working under pressure on some of the largest museum builds in the world and continue to create oustanding products to meet the challenge.

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